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IEEE-USA Government Affairs Update
(Live Webinar)
27 July 2017, 1:00 p.m. ET. 
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IEEE-USA Asks Exemption of Technical Conference Attendees from Travel Ban

Citing the Supreme Court's exception for invited lecturers, IEEE-USA has asked the Secretary of State to exempt technical meeting attendees from the President's travel ban.


IEEE-USA Comments on Visa "Extreme Vetting" Proposals

Comments question efficacy of the proposed rules and warn of potential consequences.



IEEE-USA On Qualifications
of PTO Director

IEEE-USA joins coalition in urging appointment of a PTO Director who "grasps the fundamental fact that a patent secures a property right..



Spectrum OpEd:
President Trump Needs
an Engineering Advisor

G. Pascal Zachary makes case that the new President could use advice from a practical problem solver.


Call to Action

Petition President Trump to stop the federal government from using H-1B visas to outsource government jobs.



Coalition Urges
Continuation of ARPA-E

IEEE-USA has joined a coalition of science and engineering organizations, corporations and universities in urging Congress to continue support for the DOE's ARPA-E program, which has been targeted for termination by the White House.




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