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2017 Listings
Here's a list of IEEE-USA citations in online, print, radio and television news stories. Some of the links may have expired or require a password.
Media Relations Contact
John Yaglenski
IEEE-USA Communications Director

+1 202 530 8359
IEEE-USA Texas Delegation Calls on Congress to Support R&D Investment
PR Newswire

5 May 2017
In Worcester, Education, Engineering an Award-Winning Collaboration
Worcester (Mass.) Magazine

4 May 2017
Missouri S&T Senior Honored as IEEE-USA New Faces of Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology

26 April 2017
IEEE-USA's Stance on the H-1B Visa Program
The Institute

21 April 2017
Trump to Order Wholesale H-1B Reform

18 April 2017
Justice Dept. Says Replacing U.S. Workers May Bring Lawsuit

3 April 2017
Fears Arise that Trump Has Dropped the Ball on H1-B Reform

10 March 2017
Premium Processing for H1-B Visas Suspended for Six Months
Electronic Design

7 March 2017
Commentary: The H-1B Visa Problem as IEEE-USA Sees It
IEEE Spectrum

6 March 2017
U.S. to Temporarily Suspend Fast-Track Processing of H-1B Visas
The Wall Street Journal

6 March 2017
Sen. Durbin Accuses Trump of Breaking His H-1B Promise

3 March 2017
Trump Says Offshoring Displaces "Our Best" American Workers

1 March 2017
H-1B Advocate Sen. Orrin Hatch Sets Stage for New Visa Battle

17 February 2017
2017 U.S. Engineers Week Encourages Attendees to Dream Big
The Institute

10 February 2017
Tech Industry Grapples with Potential of H-1B Visa Reform
Associations Now

3 February 2017
Trump at Risk of 'Letting Down American Workers,' says IEEE-USA

3 February 2017
Draft of Executive Order Looks to Re-Examine Visa Programs
The Wall Street Journal

1 February 2017
The Ripple Effects of Trump's H-1B Visa Reform

1 February 2017
Trump Eyes an H-1B Visa Aimed at 'Best and Brightest'

27 January 2017
Will IT Employment Gain Impetus Under Trump

17 January 2017
Trump, Tech Tycoons Talk Overhaul of H-1B Visas

12 January 2017
What's Next for the H-1B Program Under Trump
CIO Dive

4 January 2017


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Last Update:  18 May 2017
Staff Contact:  John Yaglenski



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