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Learn how to increase your job satisfaction, become and remain a top performer, maximize your employability, and get the support you need to achieve your career goals. Register for the online workshop. New user password: IEEE-USA. Earn PDHs or CEUs.

If you are a consultant or thinking about becoming one, visit our consultants resources and consultants database. If you are not a sole practitioner but an entrepreneur, visit the Entrepreneurs Village.

Use both the IEEE Jobsite or the IEEE-USA Employment Navigator to find your next job. Consider starting an Employment Network in your area.

IEEE-USA E-Books offer a convenient way to brush up on career and policy issues. Choose from titles in a number of categories, including careers, public policy, financial planning, innovation and more. Some titles are available as free member downloads, and most are available at heavily discounted member rates. more

IEEE-USA has partnered with Industry Insights, a leader in salary surveys and research, to launch a new and enhanced salary service featuring several new products for 2016. more


IEEE-USA's Webinar series will assist you in finding your next job, maintaining your career, negotiating an appropriate salary, and understanding ethical considerations in the workplace, among other career building strategies. Participate in live Webinars or view over 60 archived Webinars. Earn PDHs or CEUs.

IEEE Online Learning
Providers are offering continuing education opportunities to IEEE members who will receive a minimum 10 percent discount on courses toward degree programs, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs). More
Find out more about careers in engineering by watching more


IEEE-USA's modules bundle resources on topics of interest to U.S. IEEE members. Here you'll find PowerPoint presentations, Webinars, articles, e-books and other resources from IEEE-USA to help you write your resume, negotiate you salary, search for a job, network and more.

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Updated:  07 April 2017