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2009 Annual Meeting
"Engineering the Alternative Energy Debate"
26 February - 1 March 2009

Salt Lake City Marriott City Center
220 South State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 84101
Phone:  1-801-961-8700
Fax :  1-801-532-4127


Why Should I Attend?

The 2009 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting will provide an unparalleled training opportunity for IEEE’s U.S. volunteers and members. Industry leaders will explore and debate one of the most important engineering challenges facing the world:  alternative sources of energy.

Attendees will get an overview of the pressing social, economic and political issues surrounding energy alternatives, as well as training in how to take part in the debate at home.

In addition to the energy topics, the program will provide sessions on basic volunteer training, interactive workshops honing leadership skills, exhibits on the latest IEEE products and services, opportunities for networking and exchange of best practices, and the IEEE-USA awards ceremony recognizing the best of our U.S. engineers.

This is the premier meeting of IEEE’s U.S. leaders and not to be missed. Mark your calendars and plan to attend.

The 2009 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting will:

  • Provide a basic volunteer and leadership training through interactive workshops.
  • Host exhibits and pre-conference webinars focusing on the latest IEEE activities, products and services.
  • Offer discussions and workshops from experts on engineering career development and lifelong employability.
  • Provide updates on the IEEE-USA's current legislative priorities affecting technology and engineering careers, and information on how members may take part in an effective grassroots lobbying network.
  • Highlight outstanding programs and services for local members provided by Section, Chapters, Regions & Societies through poster sessions, panel discussions and awards.
  • Provide outstanding opportunities to network with IEEE leaders and volunteers at all levels to exchange ideas and discuss issues of importance to the U.S. engineering profession.

Volunteer leaders from all levels of IEEE in the United States will benefit from attending this meeting, including:

  • Region, Section, Society and Chapter leader and PACE volunteers,
  • IEEE-USA Leaders and Committee volunteers
  • GOLD volunteers

Funding assistance is available for qualified individuals through IEEE-USA, Regions and some Societies, Sections and Chapters.

What Do I Need to Know?

The IEEE-USA Annual Meeting will open at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, 26 February 2009.  The Annual Meeting will conclude by 12 noon on Sunday, 1 March.  Attendees will be able to register for the Annual Meeting around 31 October. The Annual Meeting will provide you with interactive and "train-the-trainer" workshops that will focus on "Engineering the Alternative Energy Debate."  The Annual Meeting will include workshops on employment and technology trends, professional development tools, products and services, grassroots lobbying, and public policy issues that are relevant to your career in a global economy. IEEE-USA will also sponsor the Awards Ceremony and Banquet on Saturday, 28 February.

The Hotel Cut-Off Date is Sunday, 11 January 2009 Please make your sleeping room reservation as soon as possible.  The hotel's special link for our meeting is above in the side bar.

Other Important information on hotel requirements and concessions, registration cost, menus for meals are spelled out on the individual pages.  Please read and note those that apply to you and or your guest.


Suggested attire for the Annual Meeting is casual, with the exception of the Awards Banquet which will be business attire. We look forward to seeing you there.



Salt Lake City is Utah's capital and gateway to the state's renowned ski resorts, scenic national parks and recreational areas.  Salt Lake is a well-known ski destination, having hosted the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.  Skiers continue to flock here to enjoy world-class facilities and the "greatest snow on earth."  Historic Mormon Temple Square is a popular tourist attraction and the city also offers lively entertainment and nightlife.  Please check out the this web-site of useful information about Salt Lake City.

The city lies in a mountain valley with the Wasatch Mountains to the east and north, rising above the city to 11,500 feet.  The Oquirrh (pronounced "oaker") Mountains border the western edge of the valley.  The Salt Lake's official elevation is 4,330 feet above sea level.  The city is situated on land once covered by the prehistoric Lake Bonneville,   This ancient lake existed within portions of Utah, Nevada, and Idaho.  The eastern and northern portions of the city are located on a series of terraces, or former beaches, which are known locally as "the benches.l"  The average temperatures in February range from a high of 43 to low of 24 degrees F.

The hotel is in the downtown section of the city where everything is so, shopping malls, over 90 restaurants, microbreweries, night clubs and most of Salt Lake's major attractions.  Please note if venturing out that the liquor laws are different than in most states.  Alcoholic beverages are served with your meal in restaurants and hotels.  Liquor may be purchased in private clubs (visitors are welcome at these clubs and temporary memberships are available for a nominal fee.

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