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2017 IEEE-USA Awards Deadline Approaching

IEEE-USA is seeking nominations for its 2017 awards. IEEE-USA Awards recognize professionalism, technical achievement, and literary contributions to public awareness and understanding of the engineering profession in the United States. Nominations for this year's awards cycle are due 9 September 2017. more info

IEEE Member Benefit: Free July IEEE-USA eBook

As a special benefit to IEEE , IEEE-USA provides with one complimentary eBook each month. Through 15 August, can download at no charge Developing Your People - Commonsense Leadership in the Workplace - Volume 2: Employee Development Strategies. To download your free eBook, go to the IEEE-USA Shop, sign in with your IEEE web account, add the book to your cart and use promo code JULFREE17 at checkout. If you aren't an IEEE member yet, join now for this and other benefits!

IEEE Member Benefit: Free June IEEE-USA eBook

As a special benefit to IEEE , IEEE-USA provides with one complimentary eBook each month. Through 15 July, can download at no charge Women in Engineering—Book 2: Passion, Perseverance, and Making a Difference. To download your free eBook, go to the IEEE-USA Shop, sign in with your IEEE web account, add the book to your cart and use promo code JUNFREE17 at checkout. If you aren't an IEEE member yet, join now for this and other benefits!

IEEE Virtual Career & Talent Expo
Online Job Fair
The IEEE Virtual Career and Talent Expo links IEEE to companies looking for individuals with IEEE ' skills and talents. Network with industry professionals and company recruiters from companies like Bell Helicopter, TLC Engineering, General Dynamics and many more! more info

IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 23

IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 23 features news and information on a variety of topics, including: Bianca Datta, IEEE-USA’s Mass Media Fellow; IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum in July 2018; MOVE Community Outreach's 1st Anniversary; Millennial Moment on Networking with Victoria Bannon; Newsmaker Interview with Dr. Aaron Young discussing how his work in biomedical engineering helps people with walking disabilities; Conference & E-Book Update with Georgia Stelluto; Salary & Benefit Survey Reminder and Future Leaders Report.

IEEE-USA Looks Forward to Working with Administration, Congress to End H-1B Visa Use as ‘Cheap Labor Program’

IEEE-USA is the largest organization representing U.S. high-tech workers and has long called for meaningful reforms to the H-1B visa program. Today in Wisconsin, President Donald Trump will sign an executive order that moves in that direction.  “We look forward to working with the administration and Congress to help the president fulfill his campaign promise, ‘I will end forever the use of the H-1B as a cheap labor program,’” IEEE-USA President Karen Pedersen said.  more

IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 22

IEEE-USA InSight Podcast: Episode 22 features news and information on a variety of topics, including: "whurley" AKA William Hurley; IEEE-USA New Faces of Engineering; Millennial Moment on the Job Search with Victoria Bannon; a Newsmaker Interview with Colonel Mason; Conference & Free Audio E-Book Update with Georgia Stelluto; and product updates on this month's free E-Book, Salary & Benefit Survey and more.

IEEE Students, Young Professionals Learn Valuable Lessons, Have Great Time at First IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum

IEEE Student and Young Professionals heard from one of the original creators of the Internet and learned that it's OK to fail at the inaugural IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum. Held 28-30 July at Tulane University, the event attracted more than 285 IEEE and others from around the world. Its major themes were inspire, solve, empower, adapt, lead and connect.

IEEE MOVEs Into Action in West Virginia
MOVE Deploys to West Virginia
At the request of the American Red Cross, the IEEE-USA MOVE vehicle was recently deployed to West Virginia to aid residents in recovery from catastrophic flooding. The MOVE project (short for Mobile Outreach VEhicle) sends IEEE volunteers to communities hit hard by natural disasters and infrastructure failures. MOVE provides technical expertise, rechargeable power banks, real-time survivor information and satellite based Wi-Fi until services can be restored. When not deployed for disasters, it's used for STEM-related activities and more.

Read about this IEEE-USA initiative or volunteer
Donate to MOVE through the IEEE Foundation
Follow the MOVE truck and its deployment

Member Features

IEEE-USA's Flagship Publication: IEEE-USA InSight

IEEE-USA is pleased to announce the premiere of our new flagship publication, IEEE-USA InSight. Don't miss stories on the portrayal of engineering and technology in pop culture, STEM role models for girls and young women and why IEEE-USA President Jim Jefferies thinks this is a great time to be a U.S. IEEE member. more

IEEE-USA Salary Service
IEEE-USA has partnered with Industry Insights, a leader in salary surveys and research, to launch a new and enhanced salary service featuring several new products. Users now have a choice of two calculators — one that employs the regression model, and a new calculator that allows you to select individual filters to calculate your compensation directly from the salary survey's raw data. IEEE-USA also offers five downloadable industry-specific salary reports along with the new 2015 IEEE-USA Salary & Benefits Report.

Career Resources For IEEE
Unemployed or concerned about your future? Check out the following resources to help you with your career and employment: IEEE-USA Career Manager, IEEE Job Site and IEEE Collabratec CareersConnect-USA. For further information, contact Paul Kostek, chair of the IEEE-USA Employment and Career Services Committee, or David Iams.

Brand Video

Video: ‘Putting the I in IEEE-USA’
IEEE-USA has been striving for nearly 40 years to support the professional interests of U.S. IEEE . How we do that is captured in a new video, "Putting the I in IEEE-USA," where you will find the "I" in IEEE-USA is all about you. more

Social Media

Follow IEEE-USA on Social Networking Sites
IEEE-USA has established a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to help U.S. IEEE follow the organization's activities and keep them apprised of the latest news and events that are affecting their careers and the profession.

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